Testimonials for Brent Sorenson & Associates, P.C.

My family was drowning in debt, with no answers and a hopeless situation. Nothing we were trying seemed to help, and when we decided to file for bankruptcy, Sorenson Law Office really helped. Not only with personal, knowledgeable advice, but we also felt they truly cared about how we were doing. Something which could have been extremely unpleasant was not, and we appreciated that immensely. The word that comes to mind for our specific situation was hope; Sorensen Law Office gave us hope, and they helped get our financial lives on the right track.


Selecting the law office of Brent Sorenson was a very positive experience for me. The staff was so warm and friendly! I was going through a very difficult year emotionally, physically, and financially. I had to reschedule a few of my appointments. I was always treated with compassion and respect, and I did not feel pressured at all. They were patient and caring. Mr. Sorenson immediately put me at ease. It can be very intimidating to discuss personal affairs with an attorney. He listens and is genuinely sincere about your unique personal situation, and how he can help you. From the beginning to the completion of your case, everyone is there to guide you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. The financial education class that is provided online is very informative and offers sensible advice to prevent any future problems. Thank you Brent Sorenson Law Office for my fresh start!


I had an unfortunate situation that led me to seek Mr. Sorenson’s advice and help. I was always the type of person that paid my bills on time and stayed on track with my credit. My husband was offered a job in another state and we were looking to relocate. However, we had a house loan and were unable to sell it for what it was worth; we were quite upside down in it. The loan was with a private investor and they were unable to work with our situation and we were left walking away from our home and left no choice but to file Chapter 13.

This was one of the most stressful and embarrassing times in my life. I worried day and night about it and literally gave myself an ulcer over it. After speaking with Brent and his wonderful team I knew that he was who I wanted to help me with this trying time. Mr. Sorenson’s experience, compassion, and professionalism helped me deal with my anxiety and get through this horrific ordeal. Brent continually reminded me not to worry, that he would lead me and help me get through this and that we would work together for the best outcome.

I am very thankful for the help and support that Sorenson Law Firm provided for me. The entire team is very knowledgeable, helpful and absolutely amazing! I hope that no one has to resort to bankruptcy, but if you do, I believe without a doubt that you will not get better service and professional attention anywhere other than Sorenson Law. Thank you so very much, Brent, Kris, Lisa, & Cindy for all you have done to help me along the way!


I thought I would never need the services of a bankruptcy attorney as I have a good career with a good income. My credit was sterling. After going through a divorce, however, I was amazed at how much debt my ex-spouse had accumulated. Along with a hefty house payment, alimony, and child support, and continued working and living expenses of my own, there was not enough money to pay expenses.

The best advice I received from my divorce attorney was to see a bankruptcy attorney to discuss my options. Mr. Brent Sorenson explained how a Chapter 13 bankruptcy worked for someone in my situation. It was a way to stop accumulating more debt, while paying off the debt that was then owed over the next 5 years. It enabled me to continue covering alimony and child support payments, and work expenses, yet provided the time needed to pay off the remaining debt.

Mr. Brent Sorenson and his staff are knowledgeable and responsive. They always return phone calls with answers to any questions and work hard for a positive outcome. I am thankful for their services, have completed the Chapter 13, and moved on without that cloud of debt.


Mr. Sorenson and his staff made what was a very difficult decision for us make sense. We were able to maintain our dignity throughout the process and are well on the way to regaining control of our finances. Mr. Sorenson’s office has remained available to assist us whenever we have questions or concerns as our bankruptcy progresses. We highly recommend Mr. Sorenson to anyone who needs to consider bankruptcy!


After my wife passed away I was having trouble meeting my financial obligations due to a decrease in income. I went to see Mr. Sorenson and after an assessment of assets and liabilities, we decided that bankruptcy was the best solution for me. Thru the entire procedure filling out the paperwork, additional appointments, and the actual day of filing, Mr. Sorenson and his staff were there to answer any questions and remind me of dates and anything I needed to do. It was an easy and painless process and I would recommend Mr. Sorenson and staff to anyone having financial problems. They will treat you with kindness and courtesy thru the entire process.


When dealing with the myriad of confusion that bankruptcy can cause, we sought out an attorney who was professional and truly understood what we were experiencing. Working with Brent Sorenson was the best decision we made in our quest to right our financial ship. He was extremely pleasant to work with and handled all of our problems along the way promptly and accurately. The process wasn’t easy, but Brent went the extra mile so many times and now that we’ve successfully exited we look back with trust and admiration.

The Jensens

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