Meet Brent Sorenson & Associates, P.C. in Spokane, WA

Brent SorensonBrent Sorenson is an experienced attorney who has devoted his time and energy for over 25 years to assisting people just like you to discharge a mountain of debt and obtain a fresh financial start in life. Mr. Sorenson believes that people do not plan to have financial struggles in their lives; rather, those who choose to participate in life sometimes fall prey to its inherent risks and challenges; with no intent on their part, people sometimes find themselves in dire circumstances which require the compassionate attention of a true professional—one with the “heart of a teacher” and “counselor.”

Mr. Sorenson has helped over 15,000 such people over the course of his long and successful career. His stated goal and mission is stated as follows: to provide counseling specifically tailored to the situation; to solve the problem by providing the necessary legal intervention to protect wages, homes, and assets; and to provide both a discharge of debt as well as hope and confidence for the future through education and encouragement.

Over the course of his lengthy and successful career, Mr. Sorenson has participated on numerous Bar Association bankruptcy panels, is a frequent speaker at continuing legal education seminars, and has participated in and been a valuable contributor to both local and state bar associations. Most importantly, he is committed to each individual and each family he serves, one at a time. The job is not complete until all that can be done, is done . . . and done exceptionally well! He is a member of the Bankruptcy Bar Association in the Eastern District of Washington and the state bars of Washington and Oklahoma.

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